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Your Key to the Kingdom Within


Surrender - Your Key to the Kingdom Within

Are you trying to find your God-ordained purpose in life? Maybe your job doesn’t use your talents, or perhaps your relationships are dysfunctional. If so, it’s time to discover the goldmine of gifts within you—gifts provided by God himself. It’s time to surrender.

Powerful and inspiring, Surrender shows you how to experience boundless freedom in every area of your life by simply surrendering to God’s will. Author Dan Clark demonstrates that this submission is the catalyst for putting God’s grace into motion, setting the stage for incredible change. Through personal anecdotes, Clark illustrates how he used this principle in his own life and achieved dramatic changes financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Through his compelling narrative, Clark explores some of the doubts, fears, and perplexities he has experienced in various situations. He also recalls how he found comfort and guidance in the Bible. By following his guidelines, you can learn how to

 • discover your own unique treasure chest of gifts;
 • awaken the dormant forces of Christ within you;
 • unlock and answer the call to Sonship;
 • easily cooperate with God; and
 • accept your God-given birthright to do great things.

It’s time to surrender, discover your life purpose, and shine like never before!

Surrender - Your Key to the Kingdom Within - How do I?


You may have been sleepwalking through life, slaves marching to the beat of someone elseís drum. You are not living the life of your dreams. Youíve wondered how you could be more, get more, and give more. Whatís the missing ingredient? Whatís the magic formula? No one is happy living in a box, dancing to someone elseís music. Each of us forms a unique expression of God. How could such a unique expression, such a spark of divinity, be happy going through the motions of life as a clone just like everyone else?

I am writing this book to tell you that you have a choice. You can wake up from the trance in which youíve existed and create a life that works for you. Your upbringing, parents, teachers, preachers, relatives, and friends along with the media have surrounded you with a reality that limits your exposure to life and its many resources, the teachings and ideals that lie outside your box. Each of us is born with a unique essence of God that can bring great light into the world. That shining essence is so beautiful that it must be of God. We are living evidence of Godís existence.

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